Wholesale Sparklers

Wedding Sparkler Wholesale

With the average number of wedding guests slowly increasing, We Love Sparklers wanted to create a special offer that larger wedding parties can fully take advantage of. We are proud to offer wholesale sparkler packages with our famous free shipping promise. All of our sparkler sizes can be purchased in bulk; this means that bridal parties can select 10inch, 20inch and our popular 36inch sparklers at discounted prices. As an added bonus, our sparklers in bulk are eligible for free shipping; that’s a savings of up to $30! If you wish to place a custom order, rest assure that we will honor our sparkler bulk offers for combination orders. A customer can choose to order a mix of 36inch sparklers and heart sparklers for example. If children will be involved in the wedding sparkler exit or you wish to give away some sparklers, customers can choose to include 10inch sparklers as well.

Wholesale Sparklers

Working closely with our manufacturer, we are able to guarantee our sparkler’s top quality. We required multiple testing and were approved by the CPSC (The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission). Our sparklers have been thoroughly tested up to the CPSC’s standards for distribution and use. We can wholeheartedly guarantee top quality with every sparkle. A great way to notice the difference in quality is to test our wholesale priced sparklers with 4th of July sparklers. Immediately, one will notice the difference in the amount of smoke that is emitted from 4th of July sparklers. We Love Sparklers ONLY provides steel wire core sparklers, which produce the least amount of smoke as the sparkler burns. Your wedding pictures will clearly display every single sparkle once captured on camera. Our bulk sparklers are the perfect option for wedding exits, although customers can use them for birthday parties, New Years, and 4th of July. With many different needs, we offer multiple sized sparklers that vary in burning time and length.

Bulk Sparklers

Our wholesale prices are available 24/7 when ordering online with customer agents available from 9am – 5pm. Our team has years of experience working with all kinds of events and venues and is available to answer all of your questions. We understand hosting an event or planning a wedding is a huge task with many details requiring careful attention. We Love Sparklers aims to provide that special sparkle for your special day with no hassle. If your question was not answered in our FAQ section, we encourage you to contact us and speak with our sparkler experts. For example, a common question we’re constantly asked is whether we allow custom orders. Our online rates and wholesale packages reflects our most popular orders; every wedding is unique, so we are more than happy to create a custom sparkler order that meets your wedding needs. Customers can choose between combinations of sparkler sizes and quantities, and include other products such as dessert sparklers and club glow necklaces. Bride and grooms can completely create their entire wedding exit in a single website!

Our wholesale sparkler offers begin at 288 sparklers. Bridal parties have the option of using one or two sparklers at a time during the wedding exit especially if purchasing our 10inch sparklers. 20inch and 36inch sparklers typically do not require more than one per wedding guest, so consider purchasing our bulk sparkler package if you have more than 250 guests attending.

“A great way to take advantage of extra sparklers is for sparkler wedding photo shoots that can be used as Thank You card alternatives”

Instead of receiving a traditional Thank You card, your wedding guests will gaze upon a beautiful wedding shot of you and your husband/ wife with sparkler writing that reads “Thank you.” For venues, our 288 sparkler wholesale quantity can be multiplied by any amount. During the busy wedding season, venues can purchase our sparklers in bulk and multiply our 288 sparkler quantity by 5 for a total of 1,440 sparklers! We highly recommend ordering ahead of time so you can take advantage of our free shipping rather than paying roughly $60 to receive this particular order.

Sparklers in Bulk

Custom wholesale sparkler orders require some preparation, so we can definitely guarantee same day shipping if customers place their order before 3pm Eastern Time. We will try our best to ship out new orders as late as 4pm Eastern Time. If your bulk sparkler order is a rush delivery, please contact us to discuss your best shipping option. Delivery dates vary depending on the shipping option you select; for instance, our free shipping option has an estimated delivery time frame of 9-13 business days. Our next available option is 6-9 business days for a low $9.99. If you require an exclusive shipping method, please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss any other shipping options with you. The sooner you can place your order, the more money you will save! Please keep in mind that our sparklers have a shelf life of about a year, so no need to worry about ordering them months in advance.

Venues and bride and grooms can each take advantage of our bulk sparkler sale. Whether you are interested in purchasing thousands of sparklers at once or just a few hundred for your extravagant sparkler exit, We Love Sparklers offers some of the best wedding sparklers in the industry. Our company understands the importance of a successful wedding sparkler exit from timely delivery, tips on lighting your sparklers, clear and virtually smokeless sparkles, and safely disposing of your sparklers. Our blogs thoroughly cover the wedding sparkler experience.

Sparklers Wholesale

We Love Sparklers has dedicated its efforts to providing the best products in the wedding market at very competitive prices. We also offer nightclub products at wholesale prices such as bottle sparklers, club glow necklaces, and LED foam sticks. If your venue does not allow wedding sparklers or bottle sparklers, you can select from our popular LED products. On the other hand, if bottle sparklers are allowed, we offer wholesale prices so your venue can provide exceptional bottle service. Our bulk bottle sparkler packages range from 240 and 500 sparklers with free shipping. Numerous clubs and lounges in New York city exclusively order from us given our impeccable reputation. We also provide dessert sparklers for any lounge and restaurants that wish to serve desserts with a sparkle!

All of our nightclub and wedding products are eligible for wholesale prices. If shopping for your wedding, we want to make sure your wedding budget allows for a perfect wedding sparkler exit. Bride and Grooms can enjoy a beautiful wedding sparkler exit beginning at $22.99! For lounges or nightclubs, we offer free upgraded shipping to repeat customers (please contact us for further details). We are continually expanding and growing our inventory with amazing top quality products, so make sure to visit our website periodically.

As we transition all of our products into wholesale prices, we aim to offer the best prices in the wedding industry. We are proud to offer top quality sparklers for your wedding exit and bottle sparklers for your lounge or nightclub.