Wedding Sparklers Buying Tips

There are quite a few things you MUST make sure you take care of when considering a wedding sparkler exit. Some bride and grooms unfortunately face a few unexpected complications due to poor planning, poor product, or miscommunication between the parties involved. Wedding Sparklers do require a bit of planning, but the reward is completely worth it! If you follow these simple wedding sparkler buying tips to help plan your wedding sparkler exit, it will be a night to remember!

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The more you plan, the more you will be in control. Specifically for sparkler exits, you definitely want to make sure a few things are planned. For instance, even before purchasing sparklers, you must inquire with your venue first! We receive emails from multiple customers asking if they could return the sparklers because their venue does not allow it on their premises. Even though our return policy is hassle free, it’s the disappointing news we rather you avoid. We do not want to add a pinch of sad news during your wedding planning phase. Step number one should always be to check with your venue!

Wedding Photographers and Sparklers

So let’s assume your venue allows wedding sparklers; you would assume you can go ahead and purchase sparklers. Unfortunately, there is still one more step, but it’s a simple one. Sparklers appeal for two reasons: they are fun to use and fantastic to photograph. Your guests will have an unforgettable time during your wedding sparkler exit, but what if the wedding pictures are not as amazing? Step number two involves informing your wedding photographer about the use of sparklers at your wedding. If you have yet to book a wedding photographer, make sure to ask if they’ve had any experience with wedding sparklers. If your photographer is already booked and you are not sure whether they have experience with this product, simply ask. If they do, fantastic! If they do not, asking them ahead of time will allow them to prepare. If your wedding is months away, purchasing your sparklers immediately will allow your wedding photographer to borrow a few sparklers and practice before your wedding day. An experience wedding sparkler photographer will most likely produce better images than one who may have only practiced with your sparklers, but any option is better than a wedding photographer who is unaware of your sparkler exit!

Now it’s time to focus on avoiding using poor quality sparklers. All of the effort spent asking your venue and photographer about sparklers will mean little if you purchase poor quality sparklers. Some sparkler companies will offer detailed descriptions about their sparklers while others will not. If you’re reading a product description and does not include the type of sparkler material, please contact the company and ask. Key words you want to listen for are “steel wire core, metal handle, or metal core.” If the sparkler is described as a “traditional sparkler,” please ask them to clarify. Words such as “wooden stick, bamboo, wood handle, or wood” will indicate the sparkler is of poor quality, or at least not the wedding sparkler that’s appropriate for your special event. At We Love Sparklers, our sparklers are wedding venue approved. With steel wire cores and long handles, your sparklers will emit clear, virtually smokeless sparkles for fantastic wedding pictures.

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So what exactly is the difference between sparklers?

Sparklers burn at very high temperatures; this is what allows the inception of sparks in the first place. The firework composition can be considered to be “glued” to the sparkler “stick.” When a sparkler burns, it completely burns through its chemical composition and anything attached to it. If the “stick” is wood, the high temperatures will incinerate the wood as the sparkler progressively burns downward. Though this may sound great because you will have less waste to dispose of, the quality of your sparklers will suffer. Very simply put, wood = smoke…and lots of it. As bright as sparkles may be, the amount of smoke produced by wooden sparklers is too thick to edit over. Additionally, the wood burning affects the quality of each sparkle, reducing its shape and consistency. On the other hand, wedding approved wedding sparklers retain their top quality due to the metal core. When the sparkler ignites, only the firework composition burns through. All the beautiful wedding sparkler pictures found online are thanks to steel wire core sparklers.

Final Sparkler Buy Tip: Which Size?

One last step in the wedding sparkler buying process is deciding on your sparkler size. Normally, there are three sparkler sizes: 10inch, 20inch, and 36inch sparklers. If your intention is to purchase sparklers for a wedding exit, your focus should be on 20inch and 36inch long sparklers. 10inch sparklers are not a great option because of their limited sparkle time, about 45seconds, so we normally do not recommend it as an alternative. On the other hand, 10inch sparklers are perfect for children and wedding/ engagement photo-shoots.

36 inch sparklers are the longest sparklers on the market. They burn for about 3.5 minutes. This size tends to be popular with large weddings and last minute purchases. The benefit of this sparkler size is the long amount of sparkle time it offers. If you have a large number of guests participating in your sparkler exit, 36inch sparklers provide a comfort with their extended sparkle time. If you’re purchasing sparklers as a last minute idea, then you unfortunately did not have much time to plan the wedding exit. As such, a longer lasting sparkler gives a bit of wiggle room if you encounter delays, trouble during the lighting process, or a bit of disorganization.

20 inch sparklers are the second longest sparklers on the wedding market. They burn for about 2.5 minutes. This size is usually purchased by average size weddings. Because 20inch sparklers burn for about 1 minute less than its 36inch counterpart, we recommend taking some time to plan your grand wedding exit. As you can see, you do not have as much of a window for delays as you do with the larger sparkler.

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A wedding sparkler exit can range from one minute to three minutes depending on the sparkler, wedding photographer, and set up. When purchasing sparklers, keep in mind how many pictures, angles, and variations you wish to capture so you can choose the appropriate sparkler size.