Best Place to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Manhattan

  We Love Sparklers is located in the heart of Manhattan New York and supplies all the surrounding boroughs. At you can view our entire inventory of products that can be shipped to you with highest priority. Our expansion project thats currently under way is intended to stock enough product to supply our demanding customers. Due to this demand for our various products, our customers and associates require more of these items per month at an increasing rate.


  When it comes to getting wedding sparklers in Manhattan, New York look no further.  We Love Sparklers is one of the only companies in New York City that offer true wedding sparklers.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be our most popular sparkler for all weddings!  Due to the length of our 36 inch sparklers they offer the longest burn time on the market at 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes, which means the bride and groom do not have to rush through the sparkling ceremony.  In addition, we have heard feedback from our brides that the best photo’s come out with our longer 36 inch wedding sparklers which are also considered #36 sparklers.  When it comes to We Love Sparklers we take pride in offering the most authentic and true wedding sparklers on the market.  Our sparklers are made with a wire core which ensures a steady burn time on all wedding sparklers and virtually no smoke!  By achieving the best quality wedding sparklers in Manhattan New York we take pride in the photo’s that get sent back to us!

At our East Side offices and warehouses, it is the best place to purchase our product because you will be able to receive it in a timely manner. We distribute our most popular item, our wedding sparklers to more than one hundred wedding venues and bars through out New York city and its out band areas.  Wedding Planners in New York, that organize large events with hundreds of guest contact us to provide them with the best customer service and a product that has never let them down. Many of our customers are repeat customers or refereed to us by word of mouth in Manhattan. So as you can see we have a reputation of taking care of our customers.  Whether your having a simple drink in a Manhattan, attending a wedding, or even dancing away in a nightclub, its positive that the venue your attending has our product in large quantities for you to enjoy.  So when your ready, visit our website at and see the very best we have to offer.