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We Love Sparklers is one of the few online companies that offers true wedding sparklers to it’s newlyweds and for indoor and outdoor events.  Our sparklers are specifically made for weddings as they are made with a steel wire core which ensures a smokeless and ash-less sparkle!  Most sparkler companies offer your traditional sparkler that you can find at your typical 4th of July event!  You will want to make sure on your most important day that you have sparklers you can trust for your wedding.  Our sparklers for weddings are triple dipped to ensure all of our wedding sparklers have the same burn time and give off the same amazing glow!  When it comes to wedding sparklers you can count on We Love Sparklers to offer the best sparklers for sale. We specialize in three different sizes for our sparklers for weddings, please see below which sparklers is best for your wedding!  We promise your wedding sparklers pictures will be one of the best photographs of your entire wedding night!  Happy Wedding Shopping from We Love Sparklers!

Wedding Sparklers On Sale

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