Wholesale Nightclub Bottle Sparkler Packages



We understand a lot of larger venues and nightclubs use bottle sparklers on a regular basis and we wanted to offer a wholesale night bottle sparkler package. Not only do you receive larger quantities of our famous club sparklers, but we offer our safety bottle sparkler clips FREE.  If your looking for bulk quantities of champagne bottle sparklers at a cheaper price than you’ve come to the right place.  We now offer two different set of packages for your nightclub or event, the first option is our pack of 500 bottle sparklers with 50 free sparkler holders.  The next option for wholesale club sparklers happen to be our 1,000 nightclub sparklers that include 100 bottle safety clips. We look forward to offering the best wholesale prices for our nightclub bottle sparklers.



Wholesale Bottle Sparklers

We Love Sparklers happened to be one of the first companies in New York City to offer our club sparklers in Manhattan. We immediately introduced these club sparklers across the nation almost fifteen years ago.  Being one of the first suppliers of these champagne bottle sparklers has allowed us to perfect the product we sell.  A lot of other bottle sparkler companies offer these with shorter burn times or unreliable sparks.  When it comes to ordering bulk bottle sparklers order from a company you can rely on. All of our wholesale nightclub bottle sparklers have a burn time of 45-55 seconds which allow you plenty of time to deliver these sparklers to your VIP clients.

When you order our bulk club sparklers and receive our free safety clips your venue can continually reuse them. This is the best way to secure your wholesale nightclub sparklers to ensure your staff and customers are safe. If you are looking to purchase an even larger quantity of bottle sparklers please feel free to contact us and we can absolutely work on the perfect number of sparklers. If you ever have any questions in regards to our wholesale club sparklers jump on over to our sparklers blog section.

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Wholesale Club Sparklers

500 Bottle Sparklers & 50 Clips, 1000 Bottle Sparklers & 100 Clips


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