Wedding Foam Sticks


These LED Foam Sticks are a sure way to express the fun you’re having at any event or party!  You can now find these LED Foam Party Sticks at almost all concerts, clubs, bars, and events.  Our LED Foam Party sticks have a powerful LED’s installed to create a truly vibrant glow.  Our LED Foam Party Sticks allow you to change the pace in six different setting;  allowing you to set it at fast strobe lighting, slowly changing flash, and with multicolor stills!  These are a sure way to add instant and safe fun to any event!   Our LED Foam Party Sticks are ready to go out of the boxes and don’t need any batteries or extra work!  Grab your Party Foam Sticks and join the fun!



To activate your Foam Party Sticks all you have to do is press the button on the bottom of each individual stick.

The Six Multi Color Modes are as follows:

Rainbow Mode (with Red, Green, and Blue)

Mulitcolor Mode; light pace

Cool purple static mode

Vibrant red static mode

Glowing blue static mode

Deep green static mode

Additional information

Weight N/A
LED Foam Sticks

12, 36, 72, 144


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