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We Love Sparklers is excited to offer everything you need if you want to add wedding sparklers to your big night at a discount! Our Wedding Sparklers Package includes your choice of either 20 inch or 36 inch wedding sparklers with the addition of wedding sparkler buckets, and free premium sparklers to help with the lighting process!

The Bride and Groom can enjoy the perks of the wedding sparkler bucket which not only allow you to showcase the sparklers, but make it easy for your guests to dispose of them after.  Your wedding sparkler can be proudly put on display during the wedding now to inform your wedding guests you will be doing a sparkling exit.

All Wedding Sparkler Packages include 50 FREE Premium Wedding Sparklers to help make it easy for your guests to line up and start lighting the sparklers.



We are one of the only online sparklers companies to offer everything you need for your wedding sparklers in one easy step! Enjoy the beautiful process of having wedding sparklers at the end of your big night without any of the worry or concerns.  This is the complete one stop checkout if you know you want to include sparklers for your wedding night.

You get to choose between two of our most popular wedding sparklers of either the 20 inch or 36 inch wedding sparklers. If you have a medium sized wedding of 50-125 guests we recommend our 20 inch wedding sparklers which have a burn time of approximately 2-2.5 minutes. Our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of over 3 minutes and are ideal for larger sized weddings.

In addition, you have the option of choosing to purchase one or two wedding sparkler buckets with your sparklers.  If you have over one hundred wedding guests we encourage two sparkler buckets.  With two sparkler buckets you will be able to have one for each line, which will make it easy for your guests to easily dispose the wedding sparklers when they go out.

We even include 50 free premium sparklers which easily allow you to lit all of your sparklers in a fast and efficient way so absolutely no time is wasted during the grand wedding exit.

All of our sparklers for weddings are made with a steel wire core which ensure a virtually smokeless and ash-less display.  Each sparklers is part of a double dip process which ensures that each sparkler evenly burns that exact time described.  You will not have to worry about some of your wedding guests sparklers going out while others stay lit.


Additional information

Sparkler Size

20inch, 36inch

Sparkler Quantity

48, 96, 144

Wedding Sparkler Bucket

1, 2

Premium Sparklers



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