Champagne Bottle Sparklers


Our Champagne Bottle Sparklers give a breathtaking display when lit.  These bottle sparklers are safe to use in any indoor or outdoor venue.  These  champagne bottle sparklers will produce a memorable display of sparks that shoot as high as 5-8 inches, and lasts for 45-55 seconds!  Our champagne bottle sparklers are used at all nightclubs, lounges, and bars across the country!  We Love Sparklers is happy to be able to bring the excitement to your venue or front door!  We feel every customer should feel VIP with our bottle sparklers!




At We Love Sparklers, our champagne bottle sparklers help create timeless memories at any venue.  Whether you use these bottle sparklers at your club, lounge, restaurant, bar, event, or party!  Our champagne bottle sparklers which were originally called big birthday cake sparklers or bottle sparklers are completely safe for all indoor or outdoor venues.  We specifically took the time to make sure our champagne bottle sparklers and club sparklers are crafted to last longer than the competitions!  Our champagne bottle sparklers are nearly smokeless and ash-less, these Bottle Sparklers can be used anywhere! These safe bottle sparklers give off an awe inspiring display when ignited.  The easily and safely lit these champagne bottle sparklers, easily place an open flame on the top.  Once these bottle sparklers are lit, they will immediately emit an awe inspiring spray of sparks that shoot as high as 5-8 inches high!  These champagne bottle sparklers will last for an impressive 45-55 seconds giving you plenty of time to deliver bottle service or display them on a birthday cake!

Nightclub Sparklers

It is our pleasure that we are able to offer our We Love Sparklers champagne bottle sparklers to the general public all across the country from New York City, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta, St. Louis,  Washington D.C., and New Orleans.  By easily including our big birthday cake sparklers helps create an everlasting memory! These bottle sparklers are perfect for small parties and events within the family!  At We Love Sparklers we feel that the customer should not have to go to the club to experience VIP.  That’s why we offer our champagne bottle sparklers in smaller quantities so we can add that VIP feeling to any and every party!  Please take a moment to look at our large gallery of all of the different ways to use our champagne bottle sparklers!

We are excited to announce our champagne bottle sparkler safety clips! Our safety clips allow you to safely attach our bottle sparklers to any size liquor bottle no matter how big or small!  The days of having your bartenders or staff apply unsafe rubber bands or twist offs are now a thing of the past!  Our bottle sparkler safety clips allow you to safely and quickly attached sparklers!  Please take a moment to glance at our champagne bottle sparkler safety clips

These bottle sparklers are now being placed on all birthday cakes instead of your typical birthday candles.  Give your special somebody the ideal memory they deserve and one to leave them in awe!  All of our champagne bottle sparklers come with a cake tip to allow you to firmly and safely put on the cake.  Our big birthday cake sparklers will absolutely not leave any ashy residue on the cake either!

We look forward to serving you the best champagne bottle sparklers on the market!  If you have any questions about our sparklers please do not hesitate email us at [email protected] or call our main offices!

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