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Sparklers For Your Wedding from We Love Sparklers.  These sparklers are specifically created for weddings and events!  Our wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core and are smokeless and ash-less.  We double dip our wedding sparklers so they give a guaranteed burn time and even sparkle on your grand wedding exit!  We take pride in the quality of our sparklers for sale. Our true wedding sparklers have been featured in countless wedding magazines across the country as one of the most popular ways to spark up your wedding! When it comes to sparklers for weddings look no further than We Love Sparklers!



Wedding Sparklers

10″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time is up to 45 secs to 1 minute

20″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time is up to 2 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes

36″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time is up to 3 1/2 minutes to 4 minutes

Sparklers happen to be our passion at We Love Sparklers!  When it comes to events & weddings we take pride in offering the best wedding sparklers for sale! We offer the three most popular wedding sparkler sizes on the market which are perfect for all wedding sizes. Our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for wedding sizes over 150 guests or more, they allow for a 3.5 minute sparkle which is enough time to casually exit and take some amazing wedding photographs. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be the most popular wedding sparklers due to its length. When the newlyweds walk out with our longer sparklers they are actually walking under the sparklers which help create the sparkling tunnels which really create the breathtaking photo’s. Our second most popular sparkler for wedding is our 20 inch wedding sparklers. #20 sparklers are for 100 or weddings guests and have over a two minute burn time, these are the most economical sparklers to buy. 20 inch wedding sparklers are also long enough to take some very memorable sparkler pictures! Our last option for sparklers for weddings happen to our 10 inch sparklers, we recommend these sparklers for guests of 50 or less. If you ever have any questions on which wedding sparkler is right for you please do not hesitate to call our trained staff and we will gladly assist you in getting the right sparklers for your wedding. When it comes to sparklers for weddings look no further than our true wedding sparklers at We Love Sparklers.

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Sparkler Size

10 Inch Sparklers, 20 Inch Sparklers, 36 Inch Sparklers


48 Sparklers, 96 sparklers, 144 Sparklers, 288 Sparklers


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