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Looking for an alternative sparkler from our champagne bottle sparklers or bottle sparklers?  Look no further than our premium sparklers, these are the ultimate indoor sparklers!  The hype for these premium sparklers started on the west coast in Los Angeles, but are now being used across the nation from New York to Miami on South Beach.  These premium sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less which allow customers to safely light them in your club, lounge, restaurant, or any event. These indoor sparklers are a sure way to add a tremendous amount of excitement in a sparkling way.

Our premium sparklers will sparkle for 60-75 seconds!


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When we first launched our champagne bottle sparklers and bottle sparklers they were an instant hit across the country at nightclubs, events, and house parties.  But we continually received calls from customers still wanting the traditional sparkler for all occasions.  Thats when our team started working diligently to find a traditional sparkler that has a bright gold spark and that can be used at all indoor and outdoor events.  We consider our Premium Indoor sparklers that sports car of your typical 4th of July sparkler!  These premium indoor sparklers allow you to take the fun of those special holidays and enjoy them in any event setting.  These sparklers will produce awe inspiring photo’s at your events and the best part is the customers can join in the fun and part take in the sparkling action!  When we launched our Premium Indoor Sparklers they were an instant hit at all photo shoots, but soon caught on at all restaurants and clubs as an exciting alternate twist instead of our famous bottle sparklers!  Our premium sparklers are now being seen and used at all events!  These are the ultimate sparklers for every one to enjoy!



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