Safety Bottle Clips For Sparklers



We Love Sparklers has been selling our champagne bottle sparklers, bottle sparklers, club sparklers, big birthday cake sparklers, and we are now happy to announce our new safety bottle clips!  These champagne bottle sparklers were built to be safe, smart, and most importantly reusable.  These bottle sparklers safety clips will attach to any size liquor or champagne bottle!  We created these to help protect the safety of waitresses and more importantly to people at the event or venue!  These clips on easy within a matter of seconds.  You will no longer need rubber bands, tape, or twist offs!  These champagne bottle sparklers were designed with style and flash!  The best part is these bottle sparklers safety clips can be used again and again!





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5 Bottle Clips, 10 Bottle Clips, 25 Bottle Clips, 50 Bottle Clips, 100 Bottle Clips


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