Sparkling Candles


Our Sparkling Candles are the perfect choice for any celebration. It is a product that completely enhances your party with its erupting sparkles. There are multiple uses for sparkling candles, which makes it a diverse party favor. Our top quality sparkler candles are among our most popular party favor product in our inventory. With clear, gold sparkles, sparkling candles are a great alternative to traditional cake or dessert wax candles.



Sparkling Candles for Cakes

One way to make great use of sparkling candles is on cakes. A sparkle candle can be inserted on the surface of a cake due to its red, plastic tip. The red tip is about two inches long, so we recommend dipping the entire red tip into the cake for a more secure fit. Miniature cupcakes will unfortunately not provide enough of a strong foundation to support cake sparklers, but regular sized cupcakes will. With an average of 40 seconds of burning time, guests have ample time to take several fantastic pictures of the fireworks show. Each sparkler measures about five inches long and are wrapped in a silver reflective paper.

We recommend spacing out the sparkler candles since each burst of sparkle omits radiant light. If the sparkler candles for cakes are too close to each other, your guests will have a tough time focusing their phones or cameras on the target. If spaced properly (perhaps on opposite ends), the sparkler candles will offer the proper lighting for fantastic photography. Your guest of honor will glow without any need for extra flash!

Where to buy Sparkler Candles

It is very tough to purchase sparkling candles in local vendors. Some local firework stores offer similar products but of inferior quality. If the sparkler candle produces a colored sparkle for instance, it will most likely emit extra smoke. Top quality sparkle candles for cakes emit gold sparkles with minimal smoke and no ash; as a result, your party will feel like VIP event with no harm to your delicious dessert!

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