Cake Sparklers


Here at We Love Sparklers we offer you the latest and greatest of event products. The Cake Sparklers are the most effective way to accent your cake. They Cake Sparklers allow you to effortlessly enhance and engage the experience for your guests. When using the Cake Sparklers remember that they are 6 inches tall and about 1 inch wide.

They burn for as long as 45-60 seconds to give you the maximum amount of time for your show and burn time. By having our Sparklers for cakes made in the USA we are able to offer them at competitive rates compared to other companies. Our Sparkling Candles are the most trending item out right now. These Cake Sparklers are made of the highest quality materials to give you the brightest sparkle and tallest fountain.



For any event in which you need sparklers for cakes, the cake sparklers are the perfect accessory to add in to your event. Sparklers for cakes are quickly becoming used by by venues for cakes. Sparkling Candles are also being used by event planners for their unique events. Cake Sparklers are easy to use and dispose of. When lighting the 6 inch tall sparklers for cakes they ignite and stream a 8 inch high sparkler fountain.

Cake Sparklers

The Cake Sparklers incorporate a flashy yet chic theme to your event. With the sparkler stream being gold, it gives you that classy ambiance you know and love for any occasion. Sparkling Candles can virtually be used at any event or venue. Birthdays, celebrations, parties, weddings, quinces, anniversaries, and much more are only a few places to use our Cake Sparklers.

Being that our Cake Sparkler products are made of the highest quality material, our sparklers are virtually smoke less. The Sparklers for cakes are also virtually ash less. When purchasing important items that grab the attention of your guests, you want a quality product and a company that stands behind their cake sparklers. Sparkler Candle for cakes that are not made correctly can be dangerous and an unpleasant experience for our and your guests.

Birthday Cake Sparklers

The number one reason our customers love the cake sparklers are because they grab the attention of everyone around you and make you the center of attention. For that 16th, 21st, or even 50th birthday celebration, all eyes are on you and the cake sparklers. These birthday cake sparklers add that touch of enchantment to any event. We Love Sparklers are in the business to only bring you extraordinary customer service and even better sparklers!

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