Cake Fountain Sparklers


Our Birthday Candle Sparklers are the best alternative for traditional wax birthday candles. Candle sparklers offer a safe, fantastic fireworks show in your living room, kitchen, or patio. With a sparkle time of about 35 seconds, birthday sparkler candles will sparkle long enough for multiple pictures and video. Wax birthday cake candles are timeless, but birthday sparklers create a fresh new experience on your special day!



Cake Fountain Sparklers

Our Cake Fountain Sparklers are an extremely popular wedding favor product. Most venues allow the use of fountain sparklers with several catering companies offering them with every purchase. With very little smoke and no ash, cake fountains are a safe product to include in your wedding favor list. Wedding photographers are thrilled to photograph such captivating sparkler pictures of the bride and groom. Fountain sparklers create an eruption of sparkles up to 7 inches high, which is bright enough to create a soft glow on anyone posing for a picture.

Fountain Sparklers

We feel every part of your wedding day should be extravagant! With fountain sparklers, your wedding cake will make a dashing entrance. Every guest will turn to the fireworks show and look forward to tasting your delicious wedding cake. Our cake sparklers sparkle for about 30 seconds, which is plenty of time to parade your lavish dessert before your guests can enjoy it. The Bride and Groom can safely pose for the traditional “cutting of the cake” picture while the cake sparklers are shining brightly!

Our top quality cake fountains produce such bright sparkles that we recommend no more than 2 sparklers per layer. If your wedding cake is several layers tall, we recommend one cake fountain sparkler per layer at alternating ends. For instance, if your first layer consists of a sparkler on the right side, you should place your sparkler on the left side of the following layer.

Where to buy Cake Fountain Sparklers

Cake Fountain Sparklers are mostly sold by wedding vendors. Surprisingly, some wedding venues will include fountain sparklers in their wedding packages. We Love Sparklers is one of the few companies to offer wedding cake sparklers at discounted prices. We work with wedding venues all over the United States, so please feel free to ask your very own venue if they have previously used our cake fountain sparklers. We also carry Bottle Sparklers for your wedding venue’s bottle service; another fantastic detail your guests will not forget! If you choose to purchase Bottle Sparklers for your wedding celebration, please contact us for exclusive coupon codes (when available).

We provide FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.00 anywhere within the 48 contiguous states. We also offer wholesale pricing for major events with same day shipping and expedited delivery depending on the shipping address.

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