Club Sparklers


Club Sparklers add that VIP popularity to your guests in any venue. This simple yet unique addition to your venue ignites the sparkle of the party to put the spot light on the hottest group in the club. We all want to live up the night like a celebrity, so now we can with the club sparklers. Your entourage will have club groupies and a flock of paparazzi around you. Celebrity treatment for special VIP guests. Club bottle sparklers are a cheap efficient way to incorporate the flashy theme the top nightclubs in the country create at their venues.

Club Bottle Sparklers



Club Bottle Sparklers

Club bottle sparklers have taken over the nightclub scene throughout the United States. This highly recommended product has swept the nations nightlife and provided even the smallest venue with a economical bang for their buck. The Club bottle sparklers are the most cost effective and brightest way to incorporate glamour to your event. We Love Sparklers not only provides a USA made product but we also only use high quality materials and ingredients to insure you get the most out of our Club Sparklers. Because our sparklers are made in the USA with quality materials, there is a brighter sparkle and a longer lasting sparkler time. More time for you and your guest to hashtag and tweet about the exciting moment!

Sparklers for Clubs

With the addition of Club Sparklers to the venue of your choosing, you are able to distinguish the upper class party goers from the average Joe. Isolating you from the crowd yet still making you the center of attention. All venues, clubs, nightlife districts and bars are starting to adapt to the new trend of using Club Sparklers in their location across the United States of America. The Club Sparklers are about 6 inches tall with a red spike to hold the product on any props or desserts. Also there are Sparkler Clips to attach the sparklers to the bottle of your choice. When lit, these sparklers last upto 45 seconds. The sparkler clips are reusable and can be used every night at the most popular venues providing a sleek, chic and modern look to your sparklers. 45 seconds allows you to capture those perfect Instagram photos and if you get several Club Sparklers, you will be able to capitalize on that time for a Instagram or Facebook Live post!

Bottle Club Sparklers

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6 Bottle Service Sparklers, 12 Bottle Service Sparklers, 25 Bottle Service Sparklers, 80 Bottle Service Sparklers, 160 Bottle Service Sparklers, 240 Bottle Service Sparklers, 400 Bottle Service Sparklers


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