Bottle Service Sparklers


Bottle Service Sparklers are the sure fire way to increase bottle service revenue or make your event feel ViP!  If you want to help create everlasting memories and moments at nightclubs look no further than our bottle sparklers!  These nightclub bottle service sparklers are six inches long and have a burn time of 45 seconds!  Allow your entire nightclub to enjoy the spectacle of showers while the bottle service are being delivered.  We offer our bottle sparklers in all quantities no matter how big your event or club happens to be!  Increase your nightclub liquor bottle sales today!  Check out our bottle sparklers today!



Bottle Service Sparklers

Bottle Service Sparklers have become one of the most popular items on the market for nightclub supplies.  Almost every single nightclub from New York City to Los Angeles use these bottle sparklers to gain the attention of their clients and club goers.  The introduction of these sparklers at nightclubs happened over ten years and is still one of the best way for venues to increase their ViP bottle service sales.  We were one of the first distributors for these bottle service sparklers back when they first hit the nightclub scene.  They have exploded from the clubs to restaurants, events, and bars!

Bottle Sparklers For Nightclubs

Bottle service sparklers were voted the number one way to increase bottle revenue for your nightclub.  When it comes to expanding your liquor bottle sales you will want to have as many eyes on the bottles as they come out to your vip clients.  By attaching these bottle service sparklers you gain every single persons attention at the nightclub as these are being delivered.  We have a couple nightclub bottler service clients who had increase their sales by over 50% since introducing nightclub sparklers.

Our goal at We Love Sparklers is to help venues, events, bars help create everlasting experiences and help compliment the nightclub scene environment.  We offer the best rates and discounts for nightclub sparklers with our wholesale bottle service sparklers.  Depending on how big the size of your venue and how many VIP bottle service area’s you need will easily help determine how many club sparklers you will need.  We offer discounts for smaller all the way up the our biggest clients!  Our nightclub bottle service sparklers have a burn time of 45 seconds and are virtually smokeless and ash-less.  We’ve been featured in many nightclub magazines and even the nightclub expo in Las Vegas.

Bottle Sparklers

We Love Sparklers offers alternative nightclub bottler service options as well if you can not use the sparklers.  Some of our most famous venues are no longer allowed to use these and now use all of our LED options.  When it comes to creating the perfect bottle service option look no further than our bottle sparklers.  We even offer bottle clips to safely attach to any size liquor bottle.  You can purchase our nightclub bottle clips and safely attach up to 2 or 4 sparklers to one bottle!  This makes for the ultimate bottle service display!

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