New York Allowed Gay Marriage Before Supreme Court Ruling

  Just twenty days after Independence Day on 2011, the state of New York stamped a sparkling exclamation point on the freedom of their residents when Same-sex marriage became legal on July 24, 2011, under the Marriage Equality Act. This act was passed by New York State Legislation on June 24, 2011 and signed by Governor, Andrew Cuomo on the same day. The Marriage Equality Act does not have a residency restriction and with the Empire State’s fire laws now permitting the use and distribution of wedding sparklers, all same sex and opposite sex couples are now able to demonstrate their union and accentuate their weddings with the implementation of true wedding sparklers from We Love Sparklers. New York, along with several other states in the greater northeast have lifted the ban on same sex marriages, but the Big Apple just seems like a clear cut choice as there are just so many ways and options to equip you with all the advantages you will need to celebrate your big day.  We all know now that the supreme court ruled in favor to make this national!  But it’s always great to know the great city of New York was ahead of the curve.  Being one of the only sparklers companies in New York City, we couldn’t be happier to be able to help make LGBT Wedding’s extra special.

New York City Gay Sparklers

  So whether you are booking a dreamy outside garden wedding at Dibbles Inn in Central New York, or you have chosen to go with a more romantic and intimate wedding on the water with the Lake George Steamboat Company, where you will celebrate on a fully decorated ship with all the trimmings; you are able to use true wedding sparklers in any type of setting in New York City. Combined with the scenery that these venues provide, the use of wedding sparklers will be most welcomed by all of the guests at your event. Set off a row of 36-inch sparklers as you sail on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, surrounded by the Majestic Adirondack Mountains. Or decorate your cakes at your garden wedding with the premium bottle sparklers from We Love Sparklers in NYC. Either way, we are here to help you plan your magical day. The sooner you call  us at the sooner you can start scripting your fairy tale wedding. Our friendly associates are always standing by for the sole purpose of guiding you every step of the way and your occasion will be no different either.

New York City Wedding Sparklers LGBT

  From helping you choose from our extensive line of products to helping you choose from several shipping methods, our goal is to ensure that your wedding celebration goes as planned. New York city can be a big attraction as a popular wedding destination, but the weather and the scenery are only part of the formula. Enhancing this Big Apple style celebration with true wedding sparklers or even nightclub bottle sparklers will complete your equation. We have same sex couples from all around the country that have sent in the photographs from their weddings and we will post some of those to give you some ideas. However, we would also like to receive some of your own photos and you can email them to us at [email protected] and maybe one day you will see your images on our blog as well for all wedding sparklers in New York City!