Celebrating Fourth of July 2017

July 4th is quickly approaching! One of the biggest celebrations of the year, 4th of July celebrates our Independence day with our proud red, white and blue, free concerts and fireworks! It is a great time to remember the value of our freedom by celebrating it with our family, friends and neighbors. All over the United States, proud Americans bring out their BBQ grill and shop at their local fireworks store for fire crackers and sparklers.

Common July 4th Fire works

Since projectile or aerial fireworks are not allowed to be sold to individuals, most major firework shows are hosted for the general public to view and enjoy. On the other hand, there are many different handheld or smaller fireworks on the market. Generally, firecrackers such as Black Cats and Lady Fingers are on everyone’s list. These are the loud bangs you hear nonstop, competing with major firework shows.


Fountains are also another great novelty firework Americans enjoy on July fourth. Without much of a pop, this product is great to sit back, enjoy, and snap some 4th of July pictures. Fountain fireworks shoot sparklers several feet high! If you’re concerned about safety, this firework option is safer than firecrackers. On the other hand, all firework products require adult supervision; keep in mind that you are dealing with chemicals and novelty explosives.

fountain firework

Roman Candles look great and shoot balls of sparkles and firework! It is perhaps the closest novelty firework to projectile fireworks. It is best to secure this firework on a flat surface so that it aims upward. Unfortunately, teenagers or even adults use this product for “firework wars”. Instead of dodge balls, irresponsible consumers try to hit each other with dangerous balls of fire and explosives.

roman candles firework

Sparklers have always been a classic on July 4th celebrations. Unlike the other options on this list, this product is completely safe to hold in your hands (by the wire handle of course). In the past, wooden sparklers were used. Recently, a new sparkler offers a much more enjoyable experience. Steel wire sparklers produce minimal smoke and very clear sparkles for great 4th of July pictures.

sparklers 4th of July

Laws for July 4th

Always check with your local police department regarding the use of fireworks and novelty fireworks. Some counties may be very picky about the use of fireworks. Normally, firecrackers and sparklers are not strictly regulated, which make them readily available. If you are traveling for July 4th, keep in mind that you cannot carry fireworks in your carry-on or checked luggage. According to TSA, any form of firework is not allowed on any aircraft.

Each firework carries its own risks. We encourage all consumers to read the warning labels on every product they purchase. Every year, thousands of firework related incidents take place on July 4th. Though it may sound dangerous, the majority of Americans celebrating Independence Day are doing so safely, without harm. We would also like to remind everyone that it is always recommended to avoid commuting during peak firework hours: 10pm – 12:30am. Some fireworks, such as smoke bombs, may impede safe driving conditions.