Sparklers 10 inches


Choosing A Sparkler For Your Wedding

Your wedding is certainly one of the most important events of your life, and you probably want this day to be very special and memorable for everyone involved. After all, most couples begin planning their wedding months in advance, from the dress and vows to the wedding favors, theme and venue. If you’re looking for a wedding theme that’s sure to make a bang, why not use sparklers instead of some tired idea that’s been done too many times?

 Wedding sparklers can even be added to your existing theme you have already chosen. Garden-themed weddings, for example, can use sparklers as well as glamorous weddings for added glamor and color.

One way you can incorporate sparklers for weddings is with bottle sparklers, which attach to champagne bottles. If you already plan to have a champagne toast, have servers bring out the champagne with a sparkler attached and light it. This transforms an ordinary popping of the bottle into something much more special, and it can be captured beautifully by your photographer. Even champagne fountains can be made all the more unique with several sparklers strategically placed to make the fountain seem alive with light.

Many couples also choose to use wedding sparklers in an arch. You can have two rows of wedding guests hold 36″ sparklers up and make a walkway for the newlyweds to walk through a archway of light. This is both a great welcoming or sendoff for newlyweds and gets your entire wedding party involved in your big day. You’ll feel like royalty as you walk through the sparkling lights surrounded by the people you love the most!

Of course, sparklers for weddings also make fun favors for your guests. You can create your own cost-effective yet memorable favors by printing personalized tags for the sparklers, which are held together with a bit of colorful ribbon. Attach a personalized match box to each bundle of sparklers with a dot of hot glue and you have an instant glamorous and unique wedding favor your guests can use during the ceremony and take home. Some couples also choose to add sparklers to a large vase at each table, along with a bowl of matches with a note reminding guests of the sparkler send-off time.

Unlike the sparklers you use during the Fourth of July, premium wedding sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less because they are not made with wood. The burn time is approximately one to one-and-a-half minutes, giving your photographer enough time to capture these fun, special moments, even if you want to get creative and get a shot of sparkler writing.

Sparklers for weddings may be just the thing you’re looking for to add a bit of glamor and fantasy to your big day and they couldn’t be easier to use. Just place sand-filled colorful buckets outdoors so guests have a safe way to extinguish and dispose of used sparklers and your wedding will have a touch of magic that you’ll remember forever.