New York City Champagne Bottle Sparklers Sales

  Our most popular nightclub item is the Champagne Bottle Sparklers solely because of the attention it draws and the display when lit in New York.  We can not count how many nightclubs and bars in New York City love our nightclub bottle sparklers.  Even all of manhattans  restaurants are joining the craze for our bottle sparklers.  The sparklers that are emitted from the nightclub bottle sparkler propel up to 8 inches high and last as long as 55 seconds. Our Champagne Bottle Sparklers brings the gorgeous display inside with our indoor and outdoor friendly sparklers. New York City happens to be one of our best clients when it comes to our indoor champagne bottle sparklers.  We have so many pictures of guests enjoying their We Love Sparklers Bottle Sparklers! 

Bottle Sparklers New York City

  The many locations that we do supply in and around New York City are monthly customers and refer other clients to us because of our superb product and excellent customer service. For our clients that purchase large volumes of product they have a VIP account with us where they receive major discounts and perks when champagne bottle sparklers with us.  Our quantity breakdown consist of: 6 Champagne Bottle Sparklers, 12 Champagne Bottle Sparklers, Box of 25 Champagne Bottle Sparklers, Box of 80 Champagne Bottle Sparklers, Box of 160 Champagne Bottle Sparklers, Box of 240 Champagne Bottle Sparklers, Box of 400 Champagne Bottle Sparklers or Custom orders.  When it comes to helping our New Yorkers with Bottle Sparklers we offer all quantities as we want all our events carrying them for small or even large events


We Love Sparklers Offers Cheap Bottle Sparklers

The ViP Accounts benefit from a discount on our main product, the Champagne Bottle Sparklers For New York City venues.  Instead of paying full price for your order every time, you could get a substantial discount depending on your order size. When you purchase bottle sparklers by cases of 240 bottle sparklers the price lowers with every order. With one case of bottle sparklers which is 240 sparklers you will pay $155, 2 cases of 240 your total will be $140 each. If you decide to order 3 cases your bottle sparklers case cost will be $125 per case.  If you are looking at a larger wholesale order for bottle sparklers in New York City please call us and we can offer you a great discount. You can order online at, email us or call us. We have Private Carriers that ensure delivery and tracking information available to us when we need it most.