New York City Allows Bottle Sparklers

  New York City gives us great pleasure to announce that they have now allowed bottle sparklers at their venues. For most of our club, parlors, and bars we offer first class plans if you become a repeating customer we could call our own. We in the blink of an eye supply more than one thousand venues around the globe. These champagne bottle sparklers in New York City are a sure way to add an extra spark to your night!  Our champagne bottle sparklers have a burn time of 45-55 seconds and are used at all nightclubs in New York City.  Many nightclubs in New York City use our bottle sparklers for VIP bottle service and even at restaurant for dessert!

We Love Sparklers Sells Bottle Sparklers For Any Size Event

  We are right away offering you our We Love Sparklers Bottle Sparklers in individual packagings so they can be the center of attention at your venue. Our goal here at We Love Sparklers Sparklers is to make every customer feel like a sparkle! We now offer these sparklers in low bundles of 6 champagne bottle sparklers, 12 champagne bottle sparklers, 25 champagne bottle sparklers, and even extensive bundles of 80 holder sparklers and 240 We Love Sparklers Champagne Sparklers. These We Love Sparklers Bottle Sparklers are perfect for all birthdays and events.  Whether you are using these at a New York City nightclub or if you just needed a few bottle sparklers for your small event!

  At We Love Sparklers we offer our most valued product year around to clubs, parlors, bars, and venues which is our We Love Sparklers Champagne Bottle Sparklers! Since we have been around for over five years we’ve had the ability to perfect our We Love Sparklers Bottle Sparklers so all venues and streets of income will feel safe using them in their venue. This guarantees the we demonstrate the utmost service to our customer database. Our We Love Sparklers Champagne Bottle Sparklers are 100% smokeless and powder less which makes them safe to use at all indoor venues and can be found on  A lot of venues in New York City already now use our bottle sparklers including the gansevoort rooftop, bagatelle, and The Standard.

  Not just do we have a distribution center with Sparklers, they are more than enough for the overall population. We can modify your request to fit your needs or we can dispatch a request for your foundation. Working with us will give you remarkable customer service, a high class item for a minimal effort and the last touch to your occasion. Our Bottle Sparklers are nothing to keep a mystery and its accessible to anybody and everybody. This product is guranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone that visits your venue. You can visit our website and contact us thru and we always loving helping out all New York City Bar’s with our bottle sparklers!  Our promise is to offer the best price on all bars and nightclubs with our champagne bottle sparklers.  If you come to us with a cheaper price we will absolutely match you!