VIP Champagne Bottle Sparklers For Meat Packing Industry, NYC


  A contender for the most impressive neighborhood in Manhattan, the Meatpacking District is known for its go-go nightlife and strict door guidelines, where sun bathed restless people partying in hot tubs while tasting fruity mixed drinks. The area, which keeps running from Gansevoort Street to West fourteenth Street and from the Hudson River to Hudson Street, has a lot of social, open air and culinary joys, making it substantially more than a bacchanalian center.  You will find some many restaurants and nightclubs using our champagne bottle sparklers at every corner.  We have been proudly serving our champagne bottle sparklers to this area for over five years.  If you are any venue in this area, we offer the cheapest champagne bottle sparklers to the meat packing industry.

The Meat Packing District is notorious for its venues and here is a short list of the ones we chose out of the crowd that use our champagne bottle sparklers:

PROVOCATEUR – is one of our most loved dance club in the Meatpacking District. It joins an attractive, slender, swarm with an enticing design and a percentage of the best house, and techno DJs in the city. The main drawback is that it can be truly troublesome and costly to get in. Provocateur commonly gets huge name universal DJs on Fridays and Saturdays, these are a percentage of the best gatherings in the city. How is the scene? Here is an impression what you’re going to see inside, a provocative universal group and Bottles everywhere. And with those bottles you get to add champagne bottle sparklers to your night. These bottle sparklers add the perfect touch to your event and venue. Music is generally profound house/tech house in the dance club, popular music in the parlor. You can get in by making bottle reservations, simply don’t anticipate that it will be cheap, Provocateur has the most extravagant bottle benefits in the city and we are just not talking about the bottle sparklers!

1 0AK – is known for having a portion of the best late night parties in the city. So in case you’re searching for an excellent group, and a gathering that goes late, 1Oak is the spot for you. How is the scene? 1Oak draws in the models, bottles and shots swarm. The group at 1Oak is reliably a standout amongst the most wonderful in the city, and hence it is a most loved of celebs and enormous spenders. As we would see it, 1Oak is one of the best NYC clubs for bottles and there is no indication of that changing at any point in the near future. Our bottle sparklers offer the 10k accessory to the vip bottles delivered at the club. At 10AK they offer the 10 carat ViP Bottle Sparklers to light up your night. Music is an open arrangement blend of hip hop, house and techno. Make reservations for bottles ahead of time, or on the off chance that you are with a littler gathering get some information about doing a bar tab least which will likely cost you about $200/individual. This venue has been one of our best clients in New York City when it comes to our champagne bottle sparklers.

THE RAVEN – has quickly become a Meatpacking District favorite for the fashionable downtown crowd. The club currently has one of the best Wednesday parties in the city, they play deep house on Wednesdays. Music is an open format most nights, deep house on Wednesdays. What is the scene like? With downtown style, upscale bottle service types you will have an amazing night. You can get in the club and is new and popular if you want to party here, you are probably going to have to break out your AMEX card and get bottle service. Along with that American Express card, your going to receive ViP Treatment no matter where you are in the club. Your bottles will stand out from the others gathering around and make you the center of attention. This gives you the advantage of impressing the international crowd.  If your caught with champagne bottle sparklers in this New York City club you will surely have many interested individuals staring at you!

For those that are not in the night life scene, we are also distributing to daytime venues that offer a high end breakfast, lunch, and dinner experience.

BAGATELLE – SPEND $500 on two magnums of Veuve Clicquot Champagne at Bagatelle on West 13th Street in the meatpacking district, and the bottles are delivered to your table with lighted champag ne bottle sparklers stuck in their corks. Spend $2,500 on a jeroboam of Veuve Clicquot and some magnums of Dom Pérignon, and the lights dim, the D.J. cues up the theme from “Superman,” and a waiter is hoisted onto the shoulders of his fellow servers. With a tablecloth knotted around his neck as a makeshift cape and his arms outstretched, he carries one of the sparkling champagne bottle sparkler bottles of bubbly to your table. As the waiter soars through the air, he does so against a backdrop of patrons fist-pumping Champagne flutes, flashing cameras capturing pictures ripe for Facebook and a dozen young women clad in sequins, stilettos and Chanel bags climbing onto chairs, banquettes, even tables to dance and let loose on.

These are just a short list of venues in the meatpacking industry that We Love Sparklers serves our amazing champagne bottle sparklers to.  Whether you are a small event or big venue, We Love Sparklers can get bottle sparklers fast to anywhere in New York City!