Champagne Bottle Sparklers In Brooklyn

Our Brooklyn location is one of the largest in New York and we make sure that they are always stocked with inventory due to the high demand. The areas that we do supply in and around Brooklyn are repeat customers. Our clientele always refer customers to us as a result of our magnificent item and amazing client relationships.  Our champagne bottle sparklers are the cheapest and most reliable option in New York City as we cater to all nightclubs, bars, & restaurants.  Our bottle sparklers are nearly smokeless and ash-less and are safe for all indoor events.

Our most well-known club, lounge and bar product is the Champagne Bottle Sparklers exclusively considering the VIP status it draws and the showcase on you and your group when lit. The sparklers that are discharged from the sparkler shoot to 8 inches high and keep lit for the length of time of 55 seconds. Our Champagne Bottle Sparklers can be used indoor and in open air.

Whether you are the nation over or a nearby neighborhood, we have fast delivering alternatives to get our item to you. We Love Sparklers ships all over the New York City and its boroughs. Regardless of where you are our transporters guarantee on time conveyance. Brooklyn is a prime location for new, old and up and coming venues. We are able to be versatile enough to work with you on product prices and immediate availability.  We have seen an explosion of rooftop venues in Brooklyn falling in love with our bottle sparklers.

We now offer rushed delivery and overnight is also available. With due dates drawing closer, the sooner you need them you will get them. We have areas all through the entire United States to ship the product from to you. With our new and exceedingly enhanced system of operations you can take those stunning pictures and have a great time on your extraordinary day sooner than you think. Our shipping options gives you the peace of mind you need when planning an event. This way you are certain you have your product at your front door.

You are more than welcome to purchase online at, email us or call us. We have freight services ready to bring your product to you that guarantee delivery and tracking. Our products are available in a variety of combinations and quantities. Contact us directly or visit our site at  We offer all sizes of quantities for our bottle sparklers for all of our New York City